Thai food delivery in Vancouver

The best Thai restaurants in Vancouver

There is a uniqueness when it comes to Thai cuisine more so because the preparation methods implemented on the recipes give it a spicy edge similar to Indian, and while they are lightly prepared, it draws similarity from Japanese and Chinese dishes. With our Thai food delivery Vancouver service, you can order from the best Thai restaurants in Vancouver.


Thai cuisine has recipes that emphasize on taste, colour, and even texture thereby creating a balance in both detail and variety. We at foodora specialize in making home deliveries and we have partnered with a couple of restaurants that serve Thai food. So you no longer need to ask yourself questions like, Is there a Thai restaurant near me? Our service is fast, with door deliveries taking an average of 30-minutes. You can order food from restaurants such as Pink Elephant Thai, which also has a bistro, meaning you can include a cocktail or some brewed, Thai beer to wash down a scrumptious meal.


Over the years there have been more Thai dishes featured on the list of top 50 most delicious foods. It's not difficult to see why considering a restaurant such as Thai Away Home serves gluten-free vegan dishes. At Mali Thai, you can get to sip on Nom Yen which is Thai Iced Pink Milk! Its latter name, in English, is because it is actually pink in colour because of a special ingredient - red sala syrup. At the Taste of Thai restaurant, you can order tofu stained with yellow curry with extra veggies. To try these and more sumptuous recipes, order at foodora today!

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