Delicious sushi in Toronto delivered to you

Fresh and gorgeous to look at: what's not to love about sushi?

The city of Toronto is the meeting place for lovers of Japanese cuisine and because of that we have put together a list of places that do some of the best Japanese delivery in Toronto. Make your order from the list of brilliant restaurants below and get a feast of beautifully hand rolled nigiri, Californian rolls dressed with plums, juicy shrimps and meats flavored with spicy soy-based sauces.


Whether you are looking to have a quick lunch or a delicious dinner, Japanese delivery in Toronto is only a few clicks away. If you are looking for an original tasting experience, then some of the local’s favorites are Spring Sushi and Kibo Sushi where you can order your sushi roll alone or as a combo or even a sushi pizza. Other places that do great Japanese dishes are Urawa Sushi or Kawa Sushi where you can find everything from classic club rolls to dumplings. You are never short of amazing Japanese restaurants but we have listed few of the best, so look no further and order your Japanese dish from some of the favorite Japanese delivery restaurant's in Toronto.



Japanese dishes are renowned for their typical and surprising taste and the city of Toronto is full of experienced restaurants in the area. For those of you that love sushi, we have already mentioned a few amazing places above, but if you are more of a Ramen person in other words Japanese noodles then we have couple of amazing restaurants for Japanese deliver in Toronto. First we have Kinton Ramen for the inimitable taste of their soups and second the Kenzo Ramen which combines quantity and quality to make some of the most exotic Japanes dishes. Another restaurant worth checking is Ryus Noodle Bar-Braodview where youwill find dishes such as: Shoi a dish made with original authentic chicken broth combined with slat base sauce. Pork & Chicken chau-shu, arugula, bamboo shoot, white fungus, lemon zest. Thin noodles.


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