The best Indian restaurants in Vancouver

Indian food home delivery in Vancouver

Oriental foods are distinct sometimes by how they look when served on a platter, or the wafting scent that arouses your senses. However, Indian food has a unique taste because it is prepared by combining a variety of spices, from century-old recipes. Thanks to our Indian food home delivery service, you can order from the best Indian restaurants in Vancouver.


If you want to try out Indian dishes, well, it's now simpler than ever thanks to the wide array of restaurants that serve vegetarian or vegan Indian food in Vancouver. With so many varieties on the menu, picking a mouth-watering delicacy from the menu should be your only problem thus leaving us with the 'how' to get the food to you. We at foodora can be entrusted with the task of bridging the distance between your preferred restaurant and your home. With punctual deliveries in the city, we have just about every location covered. Partnering with restaurants such as Art of Spice, we are more than privileged to be part of the diversifying food culture where we have even begun Nepalese food delivery in Vancouver.


Indian food certainly has a large following especially if you consider how often vegan dishes are recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle or diet. A restaurant such as Spicy 6 which is a casual eatery famed for a wide range of Indian staples such as curries and tandoori dishes, might be a good place to start. If you've already acquainted with the flavours of the exotic spices, perhaps you can sample chicken tikka masala, naan, and jalebi from New India restaurant, all of which are easily affordable. Alternatively, you can sample out the snacks, salads, and light course meals from the Holi Masala Food Truck whose foods we also promptly deliver on request. So order with us today!

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