Try some of the best Asian restaurants in Calgary

What does Asian food delivery in Calgary mean to you?

Order Asian food take away in Calgary and prepare for a journey through the culinary traditions of exotic lands like Vietnam, China, Japan, Taiwan, or Malaysia. Asian food delivery in Calgary is your chance to try a host of deliciously fragrant, flavor-packed dishes that appeal to all age groups.


There's so much more to Asian cuisine than classic dishes like Chinese sweet and sour chicken or crispy fried duck. In fact, interest in Japanese food delivery in Calgary is increasing all the time as more people discover the delights of beautifully constructed sushi rolls or steaming bowls of ramen noodles with spicy broth. Ingredients like seafood and pickled rice are enhanced by palate cleansing wasabi and local places like Sushi Party offer an eclectic and varied menu. Fusion menus allow you to combine the most popular recipes from various countries and local establishments like FOO Asian Street Food are the ideal introduction to this great trend.


Pho is one of the decade's success stories and fans of the spicy broth enhanced with rice noodles and meat or vegetables can try some great combinations when they next order an Asian food takeaway in Calgary. As well as pho or ramen noodles, many restaurants have signature dishes like ginger beef or barbecued pork belly which are made using typically Asian ingredients like ginger, star anise, fish sauce, soy sauce, umeboshi or miso and with an emphasis on seasonal produce. Order from Calgary favorites like Balo Vietnamese Restaurant or Mango Mania to try dishes from some of the city's most exciting and original menus for yourself.

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